We Are Educators

We are educators. We expend a great deal of effort preparing our students so that they can do their best and reach their goals. We use many forms of preparation to ensure that they have an arsenal of information to help move our students forward. Nights and weekends are spent researching and at in- service courses to help us gather that information. Why, then, don’t we use the same due diligence and intensity on our own finances and retirement planning?

We can quickly gain financial and/or retirement knowledge by simply “putting in some regular time.” Once you start the learning process and start building the habit of acquiring financial knowledge you can assure yourself of an unconfused financial future.

To get started, here are some helpful hints:

The New York State Teachers Retirement System (www.nystrs.org) and the New York State and Local Retirement System (www.osc.state.ny.us/retiree) are truly good resources for accurate information and estimates. Members of NYSTRS can have instant access to all of their personal data by signing up for and logging in to MyNYSTRS.

The Social Security Administration website (www.ssa.gov) has an estimator and many interesting, practical bits of information that help build knowledge.

Your TSA/TDA/403b provider will also have a helpful website. Many providers have calculators, estimators and helpful hints.

You will become more comfortable with your financial future if you start planning for that future. The knowledge that you gather will put you at ease and allow you to build and fine-tune your plan.

If you think you need help getting started or fine-tuning your plan I am only a phone call away.

Just a reminder; I don’t sell any products. I am here to help. I am your NYS Retirement Guide.